My Meditation Experience

My Meditation Experience on June 03, 2019.

Interesting Meditation Experience

My Meditation Experience on June 03, 2019

Today I resumed my morning meditation after a gap of few weeks. For sure it was struggle to seat the body and rest the mind.
Body kept complaining about the discomfort from areas in the feet to right up to the shoulders and back. It kept telling me it’s not a good idea to meditate right now as it was tired and uncomfortable. I paid attention to the parts it was pointing towards but just as an observer. It also tried to create an urge to go to the washroom. I didn’t do anything, not even change the position to obey the body or to obliged to answer its complaints. Instead I reassured it that everything was ok and that the discomfort was just for few minutes and then it would soon be fine. Finally it did relent.

Similarly Mind kept at its familiar games of trying to take me to the past and future and urging me to focus on the official work – I intended to do that anyway but after the meditation! Therefore, instead of listening to it, I focused on my breathing and asked myself the question… who am I? When the brain saw that I was serious, I heard echo of a verse from Urdu poetry…

ارادے جن کے پختہ ہوں نظر جن کی خدا پر ہو
طلاطم خیز موجوں سے وہ گھبرایا نہیں کرتے

Literal translation would be something like…

Those who are firm in their intentions and have set their eyes on God,
they never worry about the rough sea waves

In other words…with firm commitment to the cause, and with the belief that good forces are there to help you, you must undertake and continue your journey irrespective of the obstacles.

Immediately a thought came that life is about struggle all around. See how day and night are engaged in a constant strife but none of them wins. Interestingly, none of them gives up either!

Immediately another powerful thought replaced the first thought that it was not about strife. With just one nudge, a paradigm shift in thinking occurred. I was made to consider day and night as facilitators for the life on earth and elsewhere. The day and night are not battling it out with each other. Instead they were cooperating and coordinating while playing their part in running the systems of the nature and The Universe.

Immediately Day and Night were replaced with Sun and Earth as functionaries of the Natural Order and how they play their part to cause the phenomena of day and night – that are so essential for life! With this thought I started thinking how everything in the universe was interconnected and then I was again guided to think about who am I and then I had this vision of a glow – that expands and illuminates whenever I become peaceful – and I was asked to feel the energy field around me and the limitless, eternal, universal energy. I tried to focus that energy to heal my tired body. While I was doing that, exactly at that moment, my attention went to two people who are part of a meditational healing group and they need healing. So I sent the healing energy to them. This was indeed a very different meditation experience where I was continuously being led from one thing to the other.

After sending the healing energy, I was feeling calm when my Alarm went off. And with that my meditation experience came to an end and I returned to the world of unconsciousness.