German Ambassador in Pakistan Martin Kobler

German Ambassador Pakistan – A Peoples’ Ambassador?

Normally you would hear or read such titles for politicians but not for career diplomats. There is one of a kind Martin Kobler posted as German Ambassador Pakistan. I call him People’s Ambassador because he is always amongst the people. His travels to the length and breadth of Pakistan are a regular feature. One day you would find him in a Barber shop in Karachi in the South, the other day in Shandhoor in the North, playing polo on the highest altitude polo ground in the world and  yet another days on the streets of Lahore or Gilgit Baltistan. I can bet he knows more about Pakistan than any of our Foreign Office bureaucrats who are supposed to brief him about Pakistan.

What amazes me most about H. E. Martin Kobler is that he is doing this type of whirlwind unorthodox ambassadorship in Pakistan. Most of the Western diplomats must be dreading their posting in Pakistan for its association with terror attacks that have taken tens of thousands of lives. Terrorist attacks, though have subsided,  do resurface from time to time. Martin seems oblivious to such dangers or he loves to live dangerously. Whatever it is his ambassadorial style is unique and I believe the best to connect, know and communicate with common people. I am sure he is in a much better position to tell to his Government and people about Pakistani people, their aspirations and their intellectual capacity and capabilities.

He seems to read, speak and write Urdu as he communicates with people on Social Media in Urdu as well as English. As of today – 18/07/18, he has more than 63,100 Twitter followers and his tweets are more of a running commentary on what goes on in Pakistan. He’s loved by young men and women of Pakistan who follow him religiously on Social media.  They appreciate his efforts to highlight young talent in Pakistan. This soft diplomacy of H.E. Martin Kobler is winning him a deity like stature.

I have never met him so far. I have a keen desire to interview him for my RandomLatte conversations. Long Live Ambassador Martin Kobler.


Photo Credit : Twitter Account @KoblerinPAK