Hi, I travel & meet people & Publish their stories on #RandomLatte

One day I would like

to meet you and

hear your story.

How You’ve

changed your life.

What you cared about

then and what you

care about now.


When in Dubai I meet random people every Saturday between 10-11 am in Dubai Mall
About Me: My full name is Abdul Ghafoor. I come from Pakistan and am resident of Dubai, UAE for last 21 years, I am Father and a Husband. Got my MBA in 1989. Worked for Corporate Sector for 8 years. Left my lucrative Banking career when I was Vice President and opted for something less certain but more challenging – Entrepreneurship. I love working on New Ideas. My favorite Topics are… People, Motivation, Organizational Behavior, Social Entrepreneurship, Startups, Leadership & Politics. I am genuinely interested in meeting and talking to random people. I have lived in Pakistan, UAE, Cyprus, Malaysia & Singapore. I have traveled to many countries.

Recent Blogs

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  • German Ambassador Pakistan German Ambassador in Pakistan Martin Kobler - German Ambassador Pakistan – A Peoples’ Ambassador? Normally you would hear or read such titles for politicians but not for career diplomats. There is one of a kind Martin Kobler posted as German Ambassador Pakistan. I call him People’s Ambassador because he is always amongst the people. His travels to the length and breadth of Pakistan […]
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